Success Stories

Take a look at some of our incredible patients transformations...

“The Doctors at Cenegenics® help
you to realize your goals.”

– ​Becky Wadsworth

I am 66 years old. Most people see me
and think I’m in my 40s. This is all thanks
to the Cenegenics® program!”

​– ​Steve A. Fein, M.D.

Dr. Denyer is not just about the program.
He and his wife are about helping me with any issues I have!”

​– ​Larry Williams

Thank you Cenegenics! I have now been with you just a bit over a year. With the help of Dr. Denyer and all the staff at Cenegenics I have increased my fitness and gained over ten pounds of lean muscle mass. The fitness and nutrition suggestions have been spot on. Most importantly I have been able to continue to pursue my passions in the mountains and heli skiing! I feel and look great. Thank you again.

– B.U.

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