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“The Doctors at Cenegenics® help
you to realize your goals.”

– Becky Wadsworth

I am 66 years old. Most people see me
and think I’m in my 40s. This is all thanks
to the Cenegenics® program!”

– Steve A. Fein, M.D.

Dr. Denyer is not just about the program.
He and his wife are about helping me with any issues I have!”

– Larry Williams

Thank you Cenegenics! I have now been with you just a bit over a year. With the help of Dr. Denyer and all the staff at Cenegenics I have increased my fitness and gained over ten pounds of lean muscle mass. The fitness and nutrition suggestions have been spot on. Most importantly I have been able to continue to pursue my passions in the mountains and heli skiing! I feel and look great. Thank you again.

– B.U.

Dr. Garth Denyer at Cenegenics-Houston has been my health counselor for almost five years now, and no other medical professional has ever provided me the guidance, attention, courtesy and follow-up support he has offered. My quarterly visits to his modern facility in the Woodlands always include extensive physical and fitness exams using the most advanced equipment and techniques, followed by thorough one-on-one evaluations and program calibrations. It is not uncommon to spend a few hours analyzing my entire "picture", you never get the short shft that has become sadly so typical in medical practice. Without fail, I walk out of his office feeling healthier, younger and more determined to remain so.

The end result? At 67, I maintain the same energy level of twenty years ago and seldom ever get sick. Just a couple of years ago I successfully began a new career as a college professor, a rather demanding occupation for mental and stand-up stamina. In addition to the regular Cenegenics supplements, I follow an (almost) rigorous regimen of clean diet and frequent fitness exercises. One could say that the program's cost is compensated by the potential medical expenses I save by maintaining excellent health. In other words, I'd rather invest money in the maintenance of my body rather than in repairs.

My sincere thanks to Dr. Denyer and his professional staff.

– R.D.

Thanks. I forgot to mention when I was in the office but the overall improvements I've made in less than a year enabled me to double my life insurance and actually save 35% from what I was paying for less coverage.

Ideally, I would like to get to a sustainable 10-12% body fat while keeping/growing the lean muscle I have today.

Thank you again.

– K.B.

Yes Doctor my blood pressure is under control and my father is doing very well with the HGH. He has more energy and he has noticed some changes in his skin and even bones.

– M.G.

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