Heart Health Testing

Cenegenics® Heart Health Testing has raised the bar in preventive healthcare. Utilizing forward thinking, intensive research, advanced technology and comprehensive lab screenings have resulted in our leadership in age management.

After scheduling a date for your evaluation, our out-bound phlebotomist will work with your schedule to set up an in-home or office blood draw. We make this process quick and painless. When you meet your new Cenegenics® physician at our Houston office, you will get a more thorough cardiovascular screening, as well as an in-depth review of your results. This allows us to create a yearlong customized plan, tailored to your unique goals and lifestyle.

By using the world’s leading cardiac laboratories, we’re able to get the most accurate and up-to-date picture of what is going on with your heart health.

In-depth cardiovascular screening includes:

​Panasonic CardioHealth Station

Cenegenics® proudly uses Panasonic’s CardioHealth Station, for heart disease prevention and treatment. This noninvasive method of testing revolutionized preventive measures. Its accuracy determines true risk, in addition to other potentially harmful warning signs. 

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Berkeley HeartLab

Many people will be at risk for coronary disease by age 30, 40, or 50 without even knowing it. Will you be one of them? Through the use of specific genetic testing we can reveal your risk level for coronary heart disease, heart attack or stroke. In addition, you’ve probably had more than one lipid panel done before, and it didn’t seem to show much. We use advanced lipid panels that can show if heart disease is a current issue. A must-have test for anyone who thinks they may be at risk.

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​Cleveland HeartLab™

Cenegenics® Houston uses Cleveland HeartLab for diagnostic biomarker testing. These markers are what help our age management physicians determine if you are prone to things like inflammation and ultimately help prevent heart attack or stroke. They also can be of critical importance when putting together an individualized prevention plan.

Traditional practitioners tend to attribute adrenal fatigue symptoms to general signs of aging, Optimal health specialists recognize causes of adrenal fatigue and use specific criteria to diagnose the syndrome

In America, one person dies from cardiovascular disease every 36 seconds – which is more than diabetes, Alzheimer’s, accidents or any type of cancer (source: American Heart Association). The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. The 21st century medicine that we know now is powerful enough, and effective enough to prevent even the number one killer. Under the direction of a Cenegenics® physician, you can begin to live with confidence that your heart health is in good hands.

Heart Health Testing offers an exciting new approach for optimized health care. Our team is ready to provide you with an excellent experience.

In-depth screening

​Healthy living starts today.

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