Welcome to our transformation page! These are just a few of our patients “before and afters” to inspire and show you what’s possible. Cenegenics® isn’t just about longevity, it’s about getting the most out of life right now.

"I went to Dr. Denyer a desperate woman. In search for the person I had lost. Not long after a major surgery near my neck area, I began losing my hair, gaining weight, my skin was dried up, I was not a pleasant person and I couldn’t sleep. I changed my diet, hired a personal trainer, walked 3 to 4 miles every day, even gave up diet cokes, that one was hard. I just continued to get fatter, grumpier and dried up. I had been to several doctors, every one of them telling me the same thing, “There is nothing wrong”. I, in turn said “No doctor, you are wrong, something is wrong!” I was determined to find the answer, and then I found Dr. Denyer! After a thorough blood workup and initial office visit, he changed my life. He and his efficient staff are readily available to aid in your quest to a healthier you. I am myself again. My husband is eternally grateful to Dr. Denyer as am I."


October 2014 – I have got to call that Cenegenics® place I read about in the airline magazine. July 2015 – Not bad for 9 months. Looks like Dr. Denyer knows what he is talking about.

– Gary A. Green

Dr. Denyer, Pic on the left is me at 46, prior to Cenegenics® and eating correctly. Pic on right is me 10 yrs later at 56.Thanks for your help.

– PA

– BG

W.N. Before & After

– W.N.

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